IAVCEI CoSV ECR Research Symposium

IAVCEI CoSV ECR Research Symposium

We are holding our first symposium for ECRs to present their research and network with other community members! Plenary talks, short research and lightning talks, and a social/networking event for anyone working on volcanoes in watery places. Held over 2 time zone sessions for all to participate. Join us!

Whether your interests are in:
Submarine physical volcanology, igneous petrology and geochemistry, water-magma interactions, volcanic hazards and impacts, remote sensing, hydrothermal vents, or oceanography, marine ecology, marine geophysics, outreach and education, technology, data and computing relating to marine volcanism, ALL are welcome to participate!

Registration has now closed.

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One of our goals as an IAVCEI Commission is to build a global community for our ECRs that enables them to interact, collaborate, build networks, and access career development opportunities. We will be hosting a 2 day event including plenary talks from leaders in the field, ECR research and lightning talks, and a social/networking event to allow you all to interact from across the world.

What you need to know:

  • Held over all time zones in two online sessions: Nov 8th 16:00-19:00 UTC (Atlantic), and Nov 9th 01:00-04:00 UTC (Pacific). We may add extra sessions the following day depending on interest.
  • You need to have paid your IAVCEI membership fees to participate (do reach out to us if you have extenuating financial circumstances). Everything else associated with this event is FREE.
  • ECRs can be anyone from undergraduates, masters and PhD students, postdocs, to early career professionals and educators associated with the world of marine volcanism.
  • ECRs have a choice of either 1) live online 10 minute research/topic presentations, or 2) a 2 minute lightning talk. Research talks can be pre-recorded if desired.
  • Our plenary speakers will begin each session highlighting recent advances and discoveries in our field, along with a welcome from the CoSV committee.
  • Each session (Atlantic and Pacific) will be followed by a 1 hour social/networking event where you can talk with a small group of career mentors.
  • Attendance is welcome to ALL in our field, not just our ECRs. However, our presentations focus will be to highlight the ongoing work of our CoSV ECRs. So please share amongst your networks and research groups.

For now, you just need to register your interest (to present or attend) in the attached form below as soon as possible – to give us an idea of numbers, and forward to anyone it might be of interest to!

We look forward to meeting you all soon! 

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