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EDI Statement

CoSV will actively commit to ensuring that our commission maintains an inclusive and equitable environment for all members, and to dismantle imbalances in diversity within the marine geosciences. We will take the following actions as our EDI commitments:

  • Selection of a wider committee with representation across (but not limited to) nationality, ethnicity, gender, spoken language, and stage of career. 
  • The new committee and partner organizations will have international coverage and will organise events spread out of many time zones to ensure accessibility. The same will be done for online meetings/seminars to ensure global access.
  • We will foster leadership development for ECRs in submarine volcanism by prioritising a committee made up of mostly ECRs over various stages (research fellows to students). There will be some mid-career committee members to provide balance in experience and expertise. 
  • CoSV will commit to selecting a diverse range of researchers for online seminars and keynote speakers at conferences.
  • ECR representatives will work closely with committee members, organising events and fundraising to create more opportunities for ECR career development e.g., funding for attending conferences and/or participation in research cruises
  • We will strive to create equitable opportunities within CoSV, particularly for ECRs and groups currently underrepresented within volcanology and the marine geosciences.
  • Addressing a history of colonization and lack of inclusivity in the earliest years of marine exploration to ensure we take active measures to dismantle past issues and barriers. 
  • In the coming years, any in-person workshops or fieldtrips will engage different parts of the world by selecting a range of locations.
  • There will be no place in CoSV for any form of racism or discrimination against gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexuality, spoken language, disability, educational and financial background, responsibilities of dependents, or stage of career. Any member not conforming to these standards will have membership revoked. 
  • Committee members within CoSV will work in accordance with IUGG/IAVCEI guidelines and standards to ensure that any reports of harassment or discrimination within CoSV are actively met with the appropriate action.